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NFT Metaclub Society

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Name of the project: Metaclub Society
Type of Project: Art director for an NFT project
Location: Metaverse
Date of start: Oct 22 / Date of ending: Jan 23
Duration: 4 mouths
Art director for the design of Havos in the Metaclub Society.
Using mainly the sofware of Unreal Engine and Blender.
Oct 2022 - Jan 2023

‘Metaclub Society is a web3 company. Our goal is to bring the entertainment culture to the Metaverse. We are building the metaverse for party communities. Our team is led by visionaries and creators.’

In a world of constant change, inspiration is all around us.
Enter a world of extravagant, undulating shapes, bold, intense colours.
Havos is the new word of self-expression where party becomes experimental.
NFT Metaclub Society Sale price$0.00