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A Journey of Cultural Exploration and Design Inspiration

I am Yasmina Zriouil, an architect, fashion designer, and event curator, and I am honored to share the story of Yedder—a brand that weaves together my Moroccan heritage with my global adventures where everything started to rise in Mexico. Born and raised in Morocco, my journey has been a profound exploration of my cultural roots and a quest to celebrate the traditions that shape me.

As an architect, I have had the privilege of seeing the world through a unique lens—one that views design as a tool for shaping reality and as an instrument for uncovering the beauty that surrounds us. My journey in design began with the wise words of Baudelaire: "Give me mud, and I will make gold out of it." This revelation made me realize that the same creative spirit could be applied to both the grandeur of architecture and the elegance of fashion.

My heart yearned to preserve the treasures of my homeland, especially the forgotten Kaftan from the '60s to the '90s. I embarked on journeys across Morocco, from the bustling cities of Fez, Marrakech, and Rabat, seeking to revive this timeless symbol of Moroccan elegance. Collaborating with master tailors, I breathed new life into these traditional garments and gave them a modern Bohemian twist. Yedder, my clothing brand, stands as a testament to my commitment to preserving heritage and celebrating inclusivity, inviting all to embrace its creations.

But my passion extends beyond fashion. Living in Tulum and immersing myself in the Burning Man community led me to question the way we design our living spaces. As a digital nomad, I yearn for a more meaningful architecture that reconnects us with nature and our ancestral wisdom. My time with the Roth architecture agency humbled me and strengthened my dedication to nature, art, and tradition. Under my guidance, the Yedder Design Studio explores the concept of Neo-Vernacular architecture, where the landscape, local materials, and people play pivotal roles in the design process.

My connection to the Burning Man community also inspired Yedder as an Experience Curator—a space I created to share love and femininity, infused with Moroccan traditions and the deep-rooted essence of Soufism. It's a humble endeavor—a place for self-discovery that brings kindred spirits from all corners of the world together, transcending borders and fostering a sense of belonging.

In my world, Yedder is not just a brand; it's a continuous journey of cultural exploration and design inspiration. My Moroccan heritage, coupled with my global experiences, shapes the purpose and vision of Yedder—a humble fusion of tradition, modernity, and an unwavering commitment to creating spaces and experiences that inspire us to connect, explore, and celebrate our shared humanity.