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Ethos, Baja California

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Type of Project: Designing a dinner experience for Ethos activation with the Experience House community for one night in the splendid Moroccan restaurant Kous Kous del Vale.
Artists: Pascale Caristo & Friends
Location: Kous Kous Del Valle, Valle de Guadalupe, B.C, Mexico
Date: July 7, 2023
Duration: One Night
Our renowned chef, Moumen, hailing from the enchanting city of Marrakech, has masterfully crafted a menu that is a culinary journey through the flavors of Morocco. From vibrant tagines to aromatic couscous, our farm-to-table dishes are a celebration of authentic and soul-warming cuisine. With the vineyard's beauty as our backdrop, you'll savor each bite while the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of orange and gold.
For this special evening, we've curated an intimate atmosphere with a carefully selected group of 40 people, where friends and family come together to revel in each other's company. This is more than just a dinner; it's a gathering of kindred spirits, sharing stories and making memories.
Pascale Caristo, a mesmerizing musician and singer, possesses the unique ability to channel different voices through her music. She'll serenade you with melodies that transcend boundaries, taking you on a profound journey of emotions. Joining her is the remarkable French musician, Bergot, who is a virtuoso with an astonishing collection of 400 instruments. Together, they'll create a musical tapestry that will resonate deep within your soul.
Ethos, Baja California
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