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Casa Shabaca - Guest house

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Name of the project: Casa Shabaka 
Type of Project: Boutique house with 3 rooms 
Location: Punta de Zicattela, Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico 
Date of start: September 22 / Date of ending: in process… 
Duration: 1 year and half 
Between emptiness and substance 
In the middle of the picturesque canvas of Puerto Escondido, in Mexico, an architectural vision takes shape through the renovation of a 248 square-meter house, known now as Casa Shabaka. It is a creation where abstract forms materialize and dissolve gracefully within the spatial tapestry, evolving into integral fixtures along the architectural journey. In the balance between emptiness and substance, shifting from rectangular form to linear fluidity, these forms draw and undraw themselves in the symphony of space. 
This house is destined to embrace Digital Nomads from every corner of the Earth coming to discover and surf the famous waves of Zicatela. In a world where Digital Nomads traverse the globe, Casa Shabaka is a sanctuary of tranquility, offering minimalist spaces that invite respite and productivity. The 3 rooms are designed to honor the privacy of its inhabitants, while common spaces serve as conduits for connection. Atop, a rooftop opens to a splendide view toward the Pacific Ocean, where guests can relish their meals and immerse themselves in work within a sheltered wooden Palapa, seated at the grand rustic table.
In harmony with Puerto Escondido's tropical climate, the open-air kitchen stands ready to cater to guests and their friends, with natural ventilation under the wooden palapa. 
For our clients seeking to remain within a budget, our primary materials, a harmonious blend of wood, concrete, and Chukum, grace the home's finishing touches.
Casa Shabaca - Guest house
Casa Shabaca - Guest house Sale price$0.00