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#12 AL KAMAR 80'

Sale price$1,500.00

City: Tangier
Era: 80’ 
Material: 100% silk
Al Kamar, a celestial kaftan from the Radiant '80s, carries the essence of a woman named Noura, who lived in the coastal town of Tangier. Noura was a celestial dreamer, known for her deep connection with the moon and the sea. 
In the enchanting nights of Tangier during the 1980s, Noura's Al Kamar kaftan shimmered like moonlight on the water. Adorned with intricate crescent moon motifs and the tranquil blues of the ocean, it was a reflection of her profound love for the natural world. Noura was known for her moonlit beach gatherings, where she shared stories of the sea and the stars, inspiring those around her to appreciate the beauty of the universe. 
As Yedder reimagines Al Kamar, it captures the essence of Noura's mystical spirit and the ethereal beauty of Tangier in the '80s. With every stitch, this kaftan tells the story of a woman who found solace in the celestial wonders of the night, inviting you to embrace the magic of Tangier's moonlit coast and the cosmic connection that defined that era. Al Kamar beckons you to step into Noura's world and experience the enchantment of the moon and the sea.
#12 AL KAMAR 80'
#12 AL KAMAR 80' Sale price$1,500.00