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Azulik Uh May - Research thesis

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Name of the project: Azulik Uh May, a new form of vernacular 
Type of Project: Research thesis about the NEO-VERNACULAR Architecture 
Location: Azulik Uh May, Francisco Uh May, Mexico, QR 
Date of start: April 21 Date of ending: Dec 21 
Duration: 8 mouths 
This dissertation is the fruit of a travel to Tulum, which may continue beyond the physical limits of this page. 
To all those experiences that have given me the vision to see a clearer world where a bunch of heterotopians co-exist. It is often said that words give duration to speech. 
Subsequently, I would like to thank the Azulik Uh May institution, which generously opened its doors to me from April 2021 to June 2021, allowing me to see architecture from a different perspective through these short lines. 
First and foremost, I would like to thank Eduardo Neira, CEO and founder of Azulik, for his unconventional vision in a world that requires it. I would also like to thank Elizabeth Cohn-Martin, an architect in the research and development of Roth Architecture projects, for guiding me so well during this research. 
Next, Fernando Artigas, the head manager of the Roth agency, for believing in the beginning of this journey. Also, Irene Del Valle de la Sen and Jorge Berea, who have been so attentive to this work.  And finally, the city of Tulum, which has awakened and nurtured me since 2017, and during these months of research and work. 
For reasons of confidentiality and out of respect for the agency, certain research is not published on this website.