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#19 BLUES 70'

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City: Casablanca 
Era: 70’ 
Material: 100% silk
Blues, an enchanting 'Bleu Nuit' silk kaftan from the 1970s, encapsulates the allure and elegance of a woman named Nadia, who graced the city of Marrakech with her timeless beauty and sophistication. 
In the heart of Marrakech during the 1970s, Nadia's Blues kaftan embodied the mystique of the 'Bleu Nuit.' Its deep, midnight blue silk and intricate patterns reflected her grace and style. Nadia was renowned for her evening soirees, where her presence and fashion choices left a lasting impression. Her kaftan became a symbol of her poise and her love for the enchanting nights of Marrakech. 
As Yedder reimagines Blues, it celebrates Nadia's timeless elegance and the enchantment of Marrakech in the '70s. With every stitch, this kaftan tells the story of a woman who personified the city's nightlife and the magic of its starry nights. Blues beckons you to step into the world of night-time mystique and experience the elegance and allure of Marrakech during this golden era.
#19 BLUES 70'
#19 BLUES 70' Sale price$1,050.00