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#7 RAIN 70'

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City: Fez
Era: 70’
Material: 100% silk 
Rain, an ethereal kaftan from the enchanting '70s, carries the mystique of the city of Fez during that era. Fez, known for its labyrinthine medina and ancient traditions, was a place of captivating stories and hidden beauty. 
This kaftan, adorned with intricate raindrop patterns and shades of azure, was often worn by a woman named Nadia. Nadia was a storyteller, known for her ability to weave tales of the city's secrets and the magic of the medina. When she donned Rain, it was as if the heavens themselves wept in awe of her storytelling prowess. 
As Yedder reimagines Rain, it captures the essence of Fez in the '70s, a time when the city's mystique was at its peak. With every stitch, this kaftan whispers the enchanting stories that Nadia shared, inviting you to immerse yourself in the secrets and beauty of Fez during this bewitching era.
Rain beckons you to step into the mystical world of Nadia and experience the rain of stories that fell upon the ancient city.
#7 RAIN 70'
#7 RAIN 70' Sale price$1,050.00