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#5 AZRAM 80'

Sale price$950.00

City: Rabat 
Era: 80’
Material: 100% silk 
Azram, a striking kaftan from the vibrant '80s, tells the tale of Layla, an enigmatic woman who was a beacon of style in the city of Rabat. Layla's magnetic charm and unique fashion sense were a testament to her adventurous spirit. 
In the bustling streets of Rabat during the 1980s, Layla's Azram kaftan was a symbol of her eclectic taste and daring choices. Its bold colors and avant-garde design were a reflection of Layla's fearless approach to life. She was known for hosting legendary soirées that brought together artists, musicians, and free spirits from all walks of life. 
As Yedder rejuvenates Azram, it carries the legacy of Layla's charisma and her ability to infuse life with artistry and extravagance. With every meticulous stitch, this kaftan captures the essence of a woman who celebrated individuality and created a haven of creativity in the heart of Rabat.
Azram invites you to step into Layla's world, where the '80s came alive in a whirlwind of color, culture, and unmatched flair.
#5 AZRAM 80'
#5 AZRAM 80' Sale price$950.00