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#33 Ahram 80'

Sale price$750.00

City: Tangier 
Era: 80’ 
Material100% silk
Ahram, a silk kaftan adorned with a blue marinière fabric, captures the essence of the enchanting city of Tangier in the fashionable '80s. This kaftan reflects the spirit of a woman named Zara, who was a symbol of the city's artistic allure and maritime heritage. 
In the eclectic atmosphere of Tangier during the 1980s, Zara's Ahram kaftan was a fusion of culture and style. The blue marinière fabric paid homage to the city's maritime history, and Zara was known for her love of the arts and her presence at art galleries and cultural events, where her kaftan became a symbol of Tangier's artistic renaissance. 
As Yedder reimagines Ahram, it celebrates Zara's connection to Tangier's heritage and the artistic vibrancy of the '80s. With every stitch, this kaftan tells the story of a woman who embodied the city's artistic spirit and maritime legacy, inviting you to step into the world of cultural fusion and artistic charm that defined that era.
Ahram beckons you to immerse yourself in the enchantment of Tangier and its vibrant cultural scene.
#33 Ahram 80'
#33 Ahram 80' Sale price$750.00