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#30 GOLD 80'

Sale price$950.00

City: Casablanca 
Era: 80’ 
Material: 100% silk
Gold, a resplendent kaftan crafted from shimmering gold silk and adorned with vibrant orange and black patterns, is a true reflection of the opulent '80s. This kaftan encapsulates the spirit of a woman named Amina, who was a symbol of extravagant beauty and grace. 
In the extravagant ambiance of Casablanca during the 1980s, Amina's Gold kaftan was a masterpiece of luxury. Its opulent gold silk and intricate orange and black motifs exemplified the opulence of the era. Amina was a prominent figure in high society, known for her extravagant parties and her exquisite fashion sense. 
As Yedder reimagines Gold, it pays homage to Amina's grandeur and the opulence of Casablanca in the 1980s. With every stitch, this kaftan tells the story of a woman who lived a life of luxury and elegance, inviting you to step into the world of sophistication and affluence that defined the era.
Gold beckons you to immerse yourself in the glamour and extravagance of 1980s Casablanca.
#30 GOLD 80'
#30 GOLD 80' Sale price$950.00