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#3 VERSACE 70'

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City: Tangier
Era: 70’ 
Material: 100% Silk
Versace, a resplendent green kaftan from the illustrious '70s, whispers the story of Nadia, a charismatic figure in the heart of Tangier. Nadia was a woman of timeless beauty and captivating grace, known for her magnetic presence in the city's vibrant social scene. 
In the midst of Tangier's artistic and cultural renaissance, Nadia's Versace kaftan was a symbol of her opulent style and avant-garde sensibilities. Its lush green hues and intricate embellishments complemented her magnetic personality. Nadia was a muse to many artists and writers who flocked to Tangier during that era, and her kaftan became a canvas for their inspiration. 
Today, as Versace's legacy is reimagined by Yedder, it carries the echoes of Nadia's allure and the creative energy of Tangier in the '70s. With every stitch and detail, this kaftan captures the essence of a bygone era when Tangier was a haven for artistic expression and cultural dynamism. Versace beckons you to step into the world of Nadia and experience the magic of Tangier's golden age.
#3 VERSACE 70'
#3 VERSACE 70' Sale price$1,050.00