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#26 JILIL 80'

Sale price$900.00

City: Casablanca
Era: 80’ 
Material: Tlija fabric
Jilil, a timeless kaftan crafted from Tlija fabric, captures the essence of a woman named Leila, who was a symbol of grace and elegance in the heart of Casablanca during the 1980s. 
In the bustling city of Casablanca in the '80s, Leila's Jilil kaftan showcased the beauty of Tlija fabric and its intricate patterns. Leila was known for her impeccable style and how she effortlessly wore the kaftan with grace and charm. Her presence at social gatherings and cultural events was marked by her aura of timeless elegance. 
As Yedder reimagines Jilil, it pays tribute to Leila's sophistication and the allure of Tlija fabric. With every stitch, this kaftan tells the story of a woman who embraced the heritage of Moroccan textiles and the grace of the era.
Jilil beckons you to step into the world of timeless elegance and experience the charm and sophistication that defined Casablanca during the 1980s.
#26 JILIL 80'
#26 JILIL 80' Sale price$900.00