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#17 LEILA 80'

Sale price$1,050.00

City: Tangier 
Era: 80’ 
Material: 100% silk
Leila, a bewitching kaftan with a rich palette of red, black, and beige, captures the essence of the enchanting nights in Tangier during the '80s. This kaftan weaves the story of a woman named Layla, who was a star of the nocturnal scene. 
In the vibrant and mysterious nights of Tangier during the 1980s, Layla's Leila kaftan was a testament to the city's allure. Adorned with the captivating combination of red, black, and beige, it embodied the spirit of nighttime revelry and sophistication. Layla was known for her presence at exclusive parties and cultural events, where her elegance and charisma shone like the stars above the city. 
As Yedder brings Leila to life, it captures the magic of Tangier's nights in the '80s and the enchantment that surrounded Layla. With every stitch, this kaftan tells the story of a woman who was the embodiment of Tangier's nightlife and the vibrant cultural scene that defined the era. Leila beckons you to step into the world of nighttime mystique and experience the elegance and allure of Tangier after dark.
#17 LEILA 80'
#17 LEILA 80' Sale price$1,050.00