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#16 PEA 70'

Sale price$1,150.00

City: Casablanca 
Era: 70’ 
Material: 100% silk
Pea, a resplendent kaftan inspired by the intricate patterns of a peacock's feathers, takes us back to the glamorous '70s in Marrakech. This kaftan reflects the essence of a woman named Amina, who was a true embodiment of regal elegance. 
In the heart of Marrakech, during the 1970s, Amina's Pea kaftan shimmered with the opulent colors and mesmerizing patterns reminiscent of a peacock's plumage. Amina was a captivating presence at royal gatherings and soirées, where her grace and style left a lasting impression. Her kaftan became a symbol of her regal taste and her love for the beauty of nature. 
As Yedder brings Pea to life, it pays tribute to Amina's regal charm and the opulence of Marrakech in the '70s. With every stitch, this kaftan tells the story of a woman who embraced the majesty of nature and wove it into the fabric of her life, inviting you to step into the luxurious world of Marrakech's aristocracy. Pea beckons you to experience the grandeur and elegance of that era through the eyes of Amina.
#16 PEA 70'
#16 PEA 70' Sale price$1,150.00