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Nevada, USA I

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Type of Project: Designing a camp experience for one week, accommodating 64 people, and open to 80,000 visitors of this ephemeral city.
Artists: Deer Jade / Santiago Bartolomé / Pascale Caristo / Glitter / La Hasna / Zineb Boujamaa / Amine Bendriouich / Moulinex
Location: Black Rock City, Nevada, USA
Dates: August 28, 2022, to September 4, 2022
Duration: One week of construction, followed by one week of an unforgettable experience.


Morocco is a tree whose roots go deep into Africa, Yet breathes through its leaves in the world.
We believe in the power of its culture which through its beauty, Authenticity, and art, keeps inspiring many of us.
But, far too many are those who, through the cultural appropriation of Morocco, Forget what are its roots, and therefore its history.
Our mission is to give back the Moroccan culture to those who rightfully belong to it, Starting with its nomadic culture.
Our mission is to create an extraordinary experience, reminding contemporary societies so paradoxical in their development that nomadism is the source of humanity.
Give voice to those who have been mute for far too long,
Allow them to share their art internationally,
Working in symbiosis with the absorption of this heterotopia called home,
That once carried out in the body, will allow them to deprogram their visible or invisible borders.
Nevada, USA I
Nevada, USA I Sale price$0.00