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Moon Garden, Boutique Hôtel

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Name of the project: Moon Garden 
Type of Project: Boutique Hotel 
Location: Las Brisas de Zicatela, Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico 
Date of start: March 22 Date of ending: in process… 
Duration: 2 years and half 
From the center of the earth to the sky... 
When one is standing directly on the earth, one is receiving and transmitting vibrations with the earth. That is to say that we are in direct contact with it, its vibrations, feelings, movements and textures transforming us into an energetic channel. 
But also when one stands on a material that is in contact with the earth, that is to say that we are above an intermediary (another channel), the energies are no longer relating directly Human-earth, but are being guided by this intermediary or alternative channel that functions as a transmitter and receiver of energies. 
So this would be an energetic filter which can be good for some situations and not so good for others. That is why the construction philosophy of Moon Garden Project seeks to represent these two issues of transmission of energies with the earth using different construction methods. 
In the first floor part of Moon Garden Project we will seek to represent the direct connection with the earth, the core, the depth of connection, the cave or the more tenuous part. In which all the materials used will be suitable and programmed so that one is in direct contact, this can be represented by ground finish, by sectors where there will be no materials and by others that can be receivers and emitters of energy. 
On the other hand, Moon Garden Project will have an in-between floor, that is to say, a sector where the people who inhabit this Hotel will be separated momentarily from the earth, as mentioned before, they will be connected with energy intermediaries, being these the receivers and emitters with the earth. That is why it will be sought that these materials are honest in energy transmission and reception of it. The top floor of this project is the search for freedom, openness to the wind, the sea, the stars, purification and elevation.
Moon Garden, Boutique Hôtel
Moon Garden, Boutique Hôtel Sale price$0.00