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First capsule, Spring 23

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Hrir Douda
Collection: First capsule, Spring collection 23 
Years: 60’ and 90’ 
Fabric: Hrir Douda / Tlija 
This first capsule is a reconstruction of the ‘60s to ‘90s. 
We fell madly in love with this type of fabric used at that time, flowered, with a work of tiny gold threads, and silk called «Hrir Douda» in Arabic. We decided to create this collection around this fabric. 
Each piece is unique, with a different Maalem (chief craftsman) work. By taking these Kaftans, she gives them a second life by modernizing them and adjusting them to the Bohemian years of our era. Each of these Kaftans comes with a leather belt that replaces the «Mdama Marocaine» (Moroccan belt for caftan). All the pieces are handmade by artisans, master tailor who has been in the business for 40 years. Each of Yedder’s pieces was once worn by a Moroccan woman during one of their ceremonies. 
Each of Yedder’s pieces captures the soul of one of these Moroccan women who one day, by this traditional dress, has shone the story of an evening. But at a time when gender is intertwined, it seemed obvious that both men and women could wear Yedder, and that the size of it should be one same size. 
Join us on a journey of immersion as we invite you to imagine the stories behind these one-of-a-kind pieces and the women who once wore them.
First capsule, Spring 23
First capsule, Spring 23 Sale price$0.00