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Experience house, Marrakech

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Type of Project: Designing an intimate Lila during the holy mouth of Ramadan with a sufi experience.
Artists: The Hamadchas / Victorien Joy
Location: Private villa, Marrakech
Date: March 23, 2023
Duration: 1 night
In the midst of the Experience House, a community of designers, entrepreneurs, and mindful souls, we extended a heartfelt invitation to 40 individuals seeking a profound cultural encounter. Guided by the revered Hamadchas of Morocco, recognized as a UNESCO cultural heritage, we embarked on an evening of spiritual resonance and culinary mastery.
Our guests delved into the heart of Moroccan culture as they engaged in a hands-on cooking experience with the Dadas of the house, nurturing a connection to traditions passed down through generations. Together, we savored a sumptuous homemade Moroccan ftour, celebrating the rich flavors of the region.
The highlight of the evening came as the Hamadchas shared a glimpse of a lila, an exquisite spiritual ceremony, allowing our guests to embark on a transcendental journey within themselves. The deep and soulful Sufi experience provided a unique opportunity to connect with their innermost selves.
As the night unfolded, we immersed ourselves in a cross-cultural fusion of music, masterfully blending electronic and Sufi Moroccan melodies. Victorien Joy and the Hamadcha ensemble created a sonic landscape that transcended boundaries, forging a connection between diverse musical worlds.
This exceptional evening celebrated not only cultural heritage but also the shared human experience, uniting diverse souls in a tapestry of harmony and connection that will be cherished for a lifetime.
Experience house, Marrakech
Experience house, Marrakech Sale price$0.00